Creation of Renewable Resource


Waste chemicals from semiconductor process causing severe pollutions to environment. Thus, we dedicate in developing unique recipe and create renewable resource in order to assist our customer in responding to social responsibilities and meet environmental regulations with greener and more effective treatment.

Establishment of Chemical Recycle System
  1. Re-Used for Reaction Agent of Ammonium Sulfate System
  2. Re-Used for Cation Resin Regeneration
  3. Re-Used for Acid-Base Neutralization Agent
Creation of Renewable Resource
  1. Metal in Waste Acid Reuse and Resell
  2. Sub-Electronic Grade Acid Reuse and Resell
  3. Chemical Compound Resell
  1. Waste H₂SO₄ De H₂O₂
  2. Waste H₃PO₄ De H₂O₂
  3. Reclaim of Copper Sulfate by Electrolysis
  4. Waste Solvent Reclaim

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