Waste Treatment by Advanced Process

As environmental issues being conscious, environmental regulation becomes much stricter than ever. Besides developing advancement in process techniques, reducing energy consumption, using resource and material efficiently, and decreasing environmental impact becomes the primary task.
Composition complexity and wide variation in Waste chemicals due to rapid alteration in advanced process results the difficulties in waste treatment. TRUSVAL TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD assists our customers in solving their problems in waste treatment by providing expertise and high-efficiency solutions.

Challenges of Customer Faced:
  • Expensive Transportation Cost
  • Transportation Limitation
  • Environment Regulation
  • Limitation from Waste Effluent Standards and Expensive Effluent Fees
  • High Energy Consumption
  • Inefficacy Waste Treatment
Our Solutions
Creation of Renewable Resource

Waste chemicals from semiconductor process causing severe pollutions to environment. Thus, we dedicate in developing unique recipe and create renewable resource in order to assist our customer in responding to social responsibilities and meet environmental regulations with greener and more effective treatment.

Reduction of Waste Water Quantity

Waste treatment costs become more expensive due to huge quantity of waste chemicals used heavily in semiconductor process. Huge Quantity of waste chemicals would cause environmental impact owing to the complexity and difficulty in waste treatment. Thus, we provide the solutions especially for assisting our customer in reduction of waste quantity. Meanwhile, our solutions help customer reduce waste treatment cost and pollution.

Removal of Hazardous Material

Some hazardous materials usually contained in waste solvent, and it would cause the risk of explosion and combustion during transportation. Furthermore, it would cause severe pollution. Through our solution, our customer could reduce the risk effectively.