Reduction of Waste Water Quantity


Waste treatment costs become more expensive due to huge quantity of waste chemicals used heavily in semiconductor process. Huge Quantity of waste chemicals would cause environmental impact owing to the complexity and difficulty in waste treatment. Thus, we provide the solutions especially for assisting our customer in reduction of waste quantity. Meanwhile, our solutions help customer reduce waste treatment cost and pollution.

Cost Reduction in Waste Treatment
  1. Cost Reduction in Transporting Waste Chemicals
  2. Cost Reduction in Waste Process due to Low COD content
  3. Lower Energy Consumption due to New Process Methodology
Reduction of Environment Impact
  1. Avoid causing Further Contamination and Environmental Hazards
  2. Decrease Acetone Concentration in Waste Water to Meet Effluent Standards
  1. Waste IPA Reclaim
  2. Waste Water Degrade IPA

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