Replacement of Conventional Chemicals


Our customers could increase yield and establish sustainable process simultaneously by replacing conventional chemicals with our products under existing process.

Increase Yield through Process Innovation
  1. Simplify Process and Reduce Reaction Time by Un-using Specific Chemicals
  2. Suitable for Existed Process to Minimize Process Alteration
Provide Safety Solution
  1. ReplaceHazardous Chemicals in Process
  2. Decrease of Explosion and Conflagration Risk by Un-using Specific Chemicals
Establishment of Sustainable Process
  1. Reduction of Water Consumption and Power Energy Consumption
  2. Meet and Exceed International Regulation
  3. Reduce Green House Gas Emission and Respond to Corporate Social Responsibility
Discharge without Chemical Waste
  1. Cost Reduction by EliminatingProcess Chemicals
  2. Cost Reduction in Related Consumable Items
  3. Reduction inTransportation Cost inProcessed Chemicals

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