System Integration Overview

We provide system integration engineering services including planning, design, construction and maintenance of equipment, instruments and field pipes that are needed for the facility system in the hi-tech industry.

System Designs
  • Engineering integration and management
    • System architecture design
    • Engineering project management
    • Project schedule management
    • QA/QC management
  • Supply system design and manufacturing
    • Flowchart planning and design
    • Flow-lift calculation
    • 3D and mechanism diagrams
  • Electronics control engineering
    • Design, construction and maintenance of plant-wide control systems
    • SCADA monitoring system programming and maintenance
    • PLC/HMI programming and maintenance
    • Power systems/Network communication systems
  • On-site engineering and piping
    • Main line piping
    • Hook-up Engineering
    • Utility Piping

Semi-conductor process, electronic parts and components, electronic materials and equipment, solar cell, biotechnology, medicine, food industry

Chemical Supply System

We provide Chemical Supply Systems on a turn-key basis and ensure an ultra-clean, stable, safe, expandable, automatic and user-friendly design.


Slurry Supply System

We provide Slurry Supply Systems on a turn-key basis and ensure ahigh-precise of slurry mixing and dosage control mechanisms. Appropriate measuring approaches are used for different kinds of slurry.


Gas Supply System

We provide reliable Gas Supply System and equipment design includes: Gas Cabinet/Gas Rack, Gas VMB ,and Gas Mixer/Gas Blender. Superior performancewith stable and precise mixing ratio.


Waste Chemical Collection System

We provide Waste Chemical Collection System on a turn-key basis. The equipment has full automatic waste acid chemical connection function, stable mass management of collection tanks, fire protection function, completely arranged drain devices, independent electrical control box, level/leakage testing function and leakage breaker/overhead protection devices.


Automatic Electronics Control System

We provide a design of safe, stable and reliable automatic electrical control systems that are flexible for future expansion. Thanks to the precise coordination and monitoring function of the electrical control system, the smoothness of the process and stable operation of the equipment are ensured for use in a high-precise automation industry.