Functional Water Supply System in Advanced Process

As Semiconductor Process evolve, request of cleaning capability to remove particles and impurities becomes much stricter than before due to the trend of minimizing line width of wafer. TRUSVAL TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD. provides expertise and high-efficiency equipments to assist our customers reduce energy consumption and reach the goal of Green Manufacturing.

Challenges of Customer Faced:
  • Request of enhancing cleaning efficiency under the trend of minimizing line width of wafer
  • Negative effect to environment and human body due to using conventional chemicals
  • Request of energy saving in conventional process
Our Solutions
Replacement of Conventional Chemicals

Our customers could increase yield and establish sustainable process simultaneously by replacing conventional chemicals with our products under existing process.

Specific Surface Cleaning

Due to the characteristic of Functional Water, particles and impurities of wafer could be removed. Hence, we could provide more efficient and cleaner solution of process cleaning for our customer.


Functional Water Supply System:
  • CO2-DIW Dissolver
  • O3-DIW Dissolver
  • H2-DIW Dissolver
  • NH3-DIW Dissolver