Company Profile

Since established in 1995, TRUSVAL TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD has been providing solutions for our customer. After twenty years of rooting in facility system, TRUSVAL TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD is not only fully qualified with system integration engineering, but is recognized widely among semiconductor field. To help our customers better, experienced experts with Master and Doctoral degrees in the chemical engineering field were recruited in 2012. Meanwhile, the chemical reaction,analysis, membrane, and nanomaterial labs have been established to develop core technologies such as Waste Treatment by Advanced Processes, Gas-Liquid Dissolving Technology,Membrane Technology, and Nanomaterial Composition Technology. In recent years, TRUSVAL TECHNOLOGY Co., LTDcooperates withour partner, which is a leading company in semiconductor field, to dedicate in providing sustainable process solutions.

TRUSVAL TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD dedicates in three fields (Functional Water Supply System in Advanced Process, Waste Treatment by Advanced Process, and System Integration) with our core value: Reliable, advanced, and sustainable. Furthermore, TRUSVAL TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD devoted to provide best quality of services and solutions for our customer.