- Employee Welfare - 信紘科技股份有限公司
Employee Welfare
Employees are the most valuable assets of the company. We are committed to providing the most complete and premium welfare system to take care of our employees. The welfare system of the company is described below.
Rewards and bonuses
  1. Year-end bonus
  2. Performance rewards
  3. Employees' dividends
  4. Birthday bonus
  5. Bonuses for the three Chinese festivals
  1. Labor insurance
  2. Health insurance
  3. Group insurance
  1. Domestic trips
  2. Overseas trips
  3. Department party
  1. Complete educational training
Leave/holiday system
  1. Two holidays per week
  2. Annual leave
  3. Marriage leave
  4. Bereavement leave
  5. Paternity leave
  6. Menstrual leave
  1. Child allowance
  2. Meal allowance
  3. Business travel allowance
  4. Marriage, funeral and festivity allowance
Employee regular physical examinations