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Slurry Supply System
We provide slurry supply systems on a turn-key basis and ensure a design of high-precise slurry mixing and dosage control mechanisms. Appropriate measuring approaches are used for different kinds of slurry.
System Description
System Features
System Architecture
System Description
    Design, construction of slurry dispense system
    Design and manufacture of slurry dispense machines
    Electrical control engineering design
    Construction of field pipes

    Semi-conduction process

    SEMI S2


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Pump, Filter     Auto Flush Design

    Redundancy Module
Dispense design ​    Maglev Pump
    Dual Lool Dispense Mode for Selection
Pipe Conveyor Design     Pipe Defoaming
    Reduced Dead Corners in the Pipe
    Smooth Fluid Conduit Design
Storage/Dispense Reservoir     Reflux Nozzle to Improve Stirring Efficiency
    Wet N
2 Avoiding Caking on the Wall of
    Bar-code Interlock
Drain     Sump Pump Leakage Protection Design
Sensor     Load cell/Level sensor
    Real-time Monitoring of Pressure/Flow/
    pH/SG/AIC/Titration Quality Control
    Load Cell/Flow Meter Mixing Ratio Control
Electronic Material     Compliance with CE Certification
Optimized Design -
Removal Rate Increased
    Ground Solid Particle Concentration Control
    H2O2 Concentration Control
    Overall Evenness Control
    Pot Lift Control
Optimized Design -
Large Particle Count Reduced
    Flow Rate Control
    Slurry Shearing Force/Stress Control
    PH Variation Impact
    Slurry Caking