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Gas Supply System
We provide gas supply systems with special cylinder dispensing mechanisms, full automatic multi-functional blasting procedures and high-coverage safety interlocking mechanisms. We also provide extra-pure gas mixing systems that can perform automatic gas mixing ratio setting on a real-time basis and computationally control variations of the dispensed volume.
System Description
System Features
System Architecture
System Description
    Design, construction of gas dispense system
    Design and manufacture of gas dispensing/mixing machines
    Electrical control engineering design
    Construction of field pipes

    Semi-conductor process, TFT-LCD, Biochemical Industry,
    Biochemical Industry, Food Industry, Glass Industry, Steel Industry,
    Solar energy industry


System types
    Gas Cabinet
    Gas Mixer

    BSGS System    

    SEMI S2


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Controller     Touch Panel
    Built-in pressure and weight curve logs
    for real-time query
    Variation of dispense volume design
    Automatic concentration ratio setting
    Dual circuit power supply system
    Emergency oxygen switch
Mixing     Application of extra-pure gas to ensure
    quality of finished products
    Digital mass flow controller
    Porous mixing device
    System regulator
    Real-time concentration analysis and
    monitoring meter
    Gas mixture buffering reservoir design
    Real-time monitoring of dispense flow rate
Flammable Gases     Flame detector
    Overhead detector
    Fire sprinkler
Panel Design     Specially designed vacuum isolation
    surface structure to avoid process
    contamination and damage due to
    inner leakage
    Monitoring of manual valve open/close
    Real-time monitoring of pressure sensor
Install Cylinder     Cylinder barcode recognition function
    Cylinder joint cover
Flammable Gases     Flame detector
    Overheat detector
    Steel fire partition
    Fire sprinkler
Liquefy Gases     Electronic scale