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Membrane Technology

We are dedicated to the development of process waste reduction and recycling system as well as gas-liquid dissolving technology in recent years. A membrane lab is established to develop hydrophilic and hydrophobic semipermeable membranes for special applications, including process waste recycling systems. The development is aiming at recycling of organic solutions and membrane bioreactor applications.

Membrane development capability
Plated membrane and hollow-fiber membrane are the focus of the development in recent years to meet the requirements for AOP and treatment of organic solutions. Spinning machines and temperature and humidity control systems are available in our membrane lab, and hollow-fiber or plated membranes can be made in the lab using organic polymer materials such as PAN, polysulfone and PVDF. Semipermeable membrane materials for recycling of organic solutions and MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) applications are also developed. We will further develop membrane surface modification technology to improve the permeation flux of membrane materials and the selectivity of membrane separation.

Applications and Remarkable Contribution
The membrane technology is under development.