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H2O2-Containing Waste Solvent Treatment

Waste Solvent De-H2O2 System
Most of the sulfuric acid chemicals were outsourced to contractors. In consideration of the safety and treatment cost, many semi-conductor manufacturers have increasing requirements for H2O2-containing sulfuric acid recycling system in recent years.

H2O2-containing waste solvent treatment technology
Our AOP technology is developed through:
    1. Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)
    2. Catalyst
    3. Enzyme

We have developed a total solution to meet this requirement of our customers. It can effectively treat H2O2-containing waste sulfuric acid chemicals and reduce the concentration of H2O2 in the sulfuric acid to lower than 100 ppm after the treatment. Treated sulfuric acid will not make any metal contamination. It is now the sulfuric acid of sub-electronic grade and can be recycled for other industrial applications.

Applications and Remarkable Contribution
Equipment developed using the H2O2-containing waste solvent treatment technology has been deployed in the advanced semi-conductor process in Taiwan. The equipment that has been actually used includes:
Catalyst De-H2O2 System for H2SO4 Waste with a throughput of 10~20 m3/day. 
    (depending on the requirements of the customer)