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Gas-Liquid Dissolving Technology

Functional Process Water
The gas-liquid dissolving technology can be used in the semi-conductor process to make highly clean water solution for different applications. In addition to the highly clean water solution for cleaning wafers, this technology may be used for the preparation of solutions with specific concentration.

Gas-liquid Dissolving Technology
We have many patents on the CO2 gas-liquid dissolution technology and improvement of the gas dissolution efficiency in water solution. An analog computation basis has been established for clarifying the pH value and conductivity of the CO2/carbonated water system, and used as a basis for development of the CO2/DIW mixing system (gas-water machine) for semi-conduct processes. 

Applications and Remarkable Contribution
Equipment developed using the gas-liquid dissolving technology has been deployed in the advanced semi-conductor process in Taiwan. The equipment that has been actually used includes:
CO2/DI-Water Mixing System