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Advanced Oxidation Processes
Waste Organic Solvent and Waste-Water-Treatment Solution
-COD and H
2O2 Diminishing

Waste chemicals produced during the semi-conduction process (including wastewater or waste organic solvent) contain highly concentrated H2O2. Depending on the chemical properties and the concentration of H2O2, some waste chemicals can be oxidizedand reduced using UV, O3,  Photocatalyst or ultrasonic technologies to increase the reaction rate and efficiency.
We have development the AOP core technology using UV irradiation in combination of H2O2and ozone, a solution for treatment of organic solvent and wastewater.

AOP Capability
Our AOP technology is developed through:
    1. Oxidization of H2O2
    2. UV-Visible LightIrradiation
    3. Oxidization of OZONE
We have many important instruments such as Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-Mass) and Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-Mass). These instruments are used to capture the intermediate chemical substances produced in the AOP process for qualitative and quantitative analyses. The automatic tiltrator is used to understand the decomposition rate of H2O2 to solve customer-specific process problems effectively.

Applications and Remarkable Contribution
AOP-based equipment has been deployed in the semi-conductor process of our customers. The equipment that has been actually used includes:
UV De-H2O2 in Organic Waste Solvent
COD Diminishing Equipment for High Concentration Waste Chemical