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 Product & Service Offer

‧Functional Water Supply System in Advanced Process
 CO2-DI Supply System
Waste Treatment by Advanced Process
 Waste Acid De H2O2
 Reclaim of Copper Sulfate by Electrolysis
 Waste Solvent De H2O2
 Waste Solvent De DMSO / DMSO2
 Waste Water Degrade IPA
 Waste IPA Reclaim
 Waste Solvent Reclaim

System Integration
 Chemical Supply System
 Gas Supply System
 Slurry Supply System
 Automatic Electronics Control System
 Waste Chemical Collection System

 System Integration Engineering
 State-of-the-Art in House Analytical Lab Services
 On-site Services
 Main Piping for Chemical, Gas, and DI Water
 Hook up Piping